Welcome to A Handicapped Service Foundation - the one and only one non profit, non governmental service organization working in the town of Khammam. AHS Foundation runs the only Deaf, Dumb & Blind School of the district. The school is located at Mustafa Nagar, in the out skirts of Khammam town. Currently there are 165 Blind, Deaf & Dumb students undergoing specialzed training under integrated education program - to lead a normal life alongwith other students.

A handicapped Service Foundation was established by the founder Y. Lalu, in 1990. He hails from a poor family of 3 brothers and a HI (Hearing Impaired) sister. He was searching to admit his sister into a deaf school, but could not find one. He found the need to have a school for hearing impaired in Khammam. Since it is going to be a service to disabled children in the area, he wanted to start a school immediately. Due to his untiring efforts, the Government of Andhra Pradesh extended integrated education to Khammam district in the year 1990.

AHS Foundation has been established in the year 1993 and started a Hostel for Deaf and Blind children with effect from Jan 01, 1993 for the welfare of Hearing Handicapped, Visually Handicapped and Handicapped with physical defects at Mustafa Nagar, Khammam. Since then the Foundation has been participating in numerous Government programs like Janma Bhoomi, Pulse Polio, Tree Plantations, Family Planning Operations, Construction of Sanitary Latrines and Bore Wells with irrigation facilities. The foundation is also providing Hearing Aids to Deaf Children, Walking Sticks to Blind Children and Tricycles to Physically Handicapped Children.